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I’m Si. A welder,musician, husband, author and a first time biological father to triplet girls plus an older one.

Finding my feet on this journey of fatherhood with Frankie, Ava, Lacey & Blakely.

Welcome to my blog.

Here you will find the experience of a Dad doing his best to consciously raise a family with the principles of patience, love and tolerance.
My book ‘From triples to triplets; The making of a triplet dad’ is now available on Amazon.

It’s not a parenting manual. Everyone’s experience with parenting is different.

Instead it’s a loaded story, my personal journey into fatherhood from a destructive past. From overcoming abuse, trauma, psychiatric units, violent relationships and alcoholism to becoming the dad my family needs.

There was a lot that happened before I became a dad. This is my story.


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